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there will be tapes

oh yes, there will be tapes


released October 6, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Eliot Humphreys in his parents house over the first half of 2014.
Photography by me, too.



all rights reserved


E.L.M.H. Wrexham, UK

this is an old name, now under COP GRAVEYARD

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Track Name: life goes on
There are two cats
They are friends
They had a fight
And now they’re dead

You made me a sandwich
You made yourself one too
I ate mine up
And so did you

life goes on

I have a mum
she drives a car
she drove me to
somewhere far

we saw
a dead cat
on the side
of the road
i was driving
with my mum

life goes on
Track Name: loner forever
constantly at your door
never in your mind
we have no chemistry
i just want some companionship
why is it so hard for me to establish a relationship with another human being?

i am away again
turned to disappointment

i am a loner forever
but i don't wanna be
let me mean something
let me feel something
Track Name: In/out
i dislike how one-sided this relationship has got
i'd hope for more, but i got back less than i had hoped for
when you call, you want it all
it's always nice to know that i can always rely on you
but are you in or are you out?
are you in or are you out?
are you in or are you out?
are you in or are you out?
i wanna know are you with me or are you not
are you with me or are you not?
are you in or are you out?
are you with me or are you not?
are you in or are you out?
i'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt
but looking at the way things are balanced i know things don't look right
the next time you ring, i wont be picking up the phone
Track Name: staying upright
no longer tongue tied
i never found anyone to fit me
u feel like an alien, but rly
i never made "it" happen
turning 24, getting older
nothing to show for it
i could never be a cohesive creator
with all this spare time, wasted
i scold myself
i scold myself
i scold myself
every day
for being nothing
for being nothing at all
Track Name: the hole inside you
When you told me of your thoughts, I didn’t know what to say
All I knew is that I just wanted them to go away
As we sat in your kitchen, my hands on yours
You said the home in your head didn’t have any windows or doors.
It hurt me most, because I knew just how you felt
I always dreamed of happiness, but i didn’t know how it was spelt

We crossed streets, still hand in hand
Desperately I tried to keep the conversation flowing
for what little good it would do, your insides so bland
a fact we both tried to keep from knowing

And we parted ways, and I hugged you close
I worried what you might do while I was away
I hoped for the best, trying not to presuppose
the worst and ruin the rest of my day